Pregame-Franklin, TN

Welcome to your pregame mental reps. Below is important information to help you have the best game day experience. Whether you're a rookie or veteran F&S Bowl player, it's important to be properly prepared. Be sure to read all the info below. If you registered other players, be sure to get them this info too. We hope you have a great time. Feel free to Contact us if you have any questions.

Darin Clark
Commissioner, Father & Son Bowl

Code of Conduct

It's very important on game day to have the right mindset and attitude. How we interact with other players is crucial. One selfish or stupid act can ruin the entire event for another person, especially a kid. Below are two things to keep in mind.

1) Leave your ego at home

This is not a serious competition, it’s all about having a fun time. We've had guys get bent out of shape because of a bad call or some other thing. Bottom line, this is for the kids. Have a great time and don't take yourself too seriously. I've seen some guys make bad decisions and in doing so make themselves look foolish. Don't be "That Guy"! Lead the charge by setting a good example for your young man and others who are watching. Great character and integrity is the name of the game.


2) Common bond

Many of you will have people on your team that you are meeting for the first time. The great thing about this is that we are all there for the same spend time with a special young man in our lives and play some football. Enjoy your common bond and work together to make some great memories.

Tips for a Great Experience

1) Read the rules

Its a good idea to know the rules so you are not caught off guard by anything. Especially if you have a 5 or 6 year old. We have a fun rule for them! Not being aware of how we play and officiate our games will only create frustration on your part.  >>  Rules

2) Work up some plays

Try to develop a play or two for yourself and your boy(s). Having an idea of a play in advance will help speed the game along and get more plays for everyone on your team. I even put my plays on index cards so the rest of the team can easily see what to do. Be prepared!


Game Day Schedule

Below is a basic breakdown of a round of games. I recommend arriving well before your sign in time so you have time to park and get to the sign in tent. You can warm up on our practice field or test your skills in the Skill Zone (see below for more info). You can also hang out in the Tailgate Zone (see below for more info) and grab some good food before or after your round. Here is a Map of the event.

  • Sign In (30 min.) All players must be present. Anyone not at sign in forfeit their spots and do not receive a refund.

  • Transition (15 min.) Get your flags in the Player Tent.

  • Player Rally (30 min.) See below for all the info.

  • Transition (15 min.) Get to your game field.

  • Game (1 hour 15 min.) Let the games begin!

  • Total time: 2 hours 45 min.

Once registration is closed and all the games are set, we will post everyone's game time on the Game Times–FRANKLIN, TN page in the Player Info section of this website. Game times will be posted on the Wednesday before game day.


Player Rally

Pregame player rallies are a fun and interactive way to get pumped up and ready for your game. Below is the breakdown.

  • Team gathering. All teams get together at designated place in rally area.

  • Father and son warm ups. All together we get loosened up and pumped up!

  • Trophy presentations.

  • Pregame chalk talk.

  • Singing of the national anthem.

  • F-16 flyover! An annual F&S Bowl style tradition.

  • Amped up exit to games. Players exit by team from the Rally Tent through the fog blast, confetti, and cheer tunnel!


  • All game balls are provided and are Youth size. 5-6 year old games use Pee Wee size.

  • We provide flag belts for every player. You will pick them up after Sign In when you get your team color, either Red or Yellow. Belts need to be returned to the Player Tent after your game, so players in the next round can use them.

  • There are no specific shirts/jerseys you need to wear. Teams are identified by their flag color.

Release Forms

Release Forms can be downloaded from these links. 
Franklin, TN  >>  FSB 19 Release Form FRANKLIN.pdf 
Complete one Release Form per player. Please read and fill out the forms correctly.

All forms need to be completed and brought to Sign In on game day. Every player is required to submit a completed Release Form in order to receive a 2018 F&SB Wristband. Anyone without a wristband is not allowed to play in the games. Wristbands will be checked and monitored by the Referees and Field Generals throughout the game.

Door Prizes

We have great door prizes from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and more. Drawings will be held during each round of games. You must be signed in and present to be eligible to win.

Tailgate Zone 

Battleground BBQ will be on hand cookin’ up some great food. So bring the family and hang out in the Tailgate Zone. Try your hand at some cornhole too.


Skill Zone 

Come early or stay late to test your skills in the Skill Zone. There are several run, pass, kick and flag pull activities to do. This year we will have a skill competition course with a first place prize for all age groups. Even 65 and older! Anyone can play in the Skill Zone, but the skill zone competition is for registered players only with an event wristband.


Player Portraits

Every registered player gets a free portrait. Stop by the photo tent. Photos will be posted on the Player Photos pages a few weeks after the event.


Inclement Weather

Go to the Weather page for our inclement weather policy.

Events and times subject to change.


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